Cashless salary card for all federal and state politicians.

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If it's good enough for the federal government of Australia to implement a cashless card for welfare recipients, then it's good enough for all politicians to be governed by the same rules, given that their incomes are derived from the same source as  welfare benefits, which is the Australian taxpayer.

Prior to placing political appointees on the card, their banking details/financial and property details must be noted and recorded and audited yearly and at the end of their political career.

Further to this, since welfare recipients are unable to vote for increases in their benefits, neither should federal politicians be the executors of their own pay rises.

Salary card holders would only be able to to use for approved purchases and "necessities" like food and rent, but as per the Indue card, not useable for luxury items like alcohol, cigarettes, etc. 

The question must also be asked of each politician that whether they will willingly accept such a salary methodology. 

Politicians will have three options:

1: Refuse the card, therefore exposing their double standards.

2: Lie, to save face and accept the card.

3: Accept the card freely, as they have nothing to hide.

Once implemented, the scheme would remain in place for a "trial period" of two years, followed by a national referendum to determine if it should become a permanent fixture of Australian politics.