Cancel rent payments during COVID-19 especially for International students.

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Hello Guys,
We all know that Australia is a beautiful and multicultural country and an education hub for students from all over the world. Infact, it is the country of dreams for a lot of students.

Students, after paying thousands of dollars as international fee come to this country to fulfil their dreams. They work hard, day and night to support their living. We all know that the world is under stress because of COVID-19 which has significantly affected the lives of everyone. People have to work from home but some can’t even work. The Australian citizens have Centrelink but what about the visa holders? It has really put international students under stress as the have a lot on their plate while they study. Moreover, the new semesters at universities just started which almost took all of their financial savings.
So, it’s a humble request to the Prime Minister Mr. Scott Morrison that the Rent payments should be canceled during the COVID-19 period.

Thank you