Cancel or freeze Regional Work requirements for the 2019/20 WHV

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Dear Mr Morrison,

I am a backpacker, and like thousands of my fellows we are hearing politicians and Australians urging us to go home..

Here is one of our main concern: Going home yes, but can we come back ?

I respectfully ask you to consider making a statement saying that all 2019-2020 temporary visas can reapply once this crisis is over, whether they have finished their regional work requirementsor not.

This rule in this context is extremely unfair and dangerous.

Unfair because now the farms and factories prioritise australians (which WE UNDERSTAND) and it’s getting really hard to go from one region to another to find a job.

Dangerous because instead of looking for a job where we are, we are still travelling to get jobs, which can sadly spread the virus. But also dangerous because as a great many of Australians are showing generosity, empathy and solidarity to us, a few in this time of crisis are showing hostility.

Many Backpackers do not know whether to go home or not only because they fear to never have the chance to come back as they have to complete their visa requirements as they stand.

All we are asking is for the requirements for the Working Holiday Visas or any Temporary Visas to be canceled or frozen from March 1st so we can reapply and come back doing what we love, when it is safe. We want to be safe for everyone, we want to continue being productive and an important part of the regional economy when it becomes appropriate to do so.

As it stands many Backpackers have already left to go back to their families and will probably never have the chance to come back, because they haven’t been able to finish their regional work requirements (for any reason, no time, planned to do them later etc…). When all this is over, we want to come back and continue doing what we love: working hard, meeting Australians and contributing to the economy

Backpackers are loosing their jobs and their homes (camping and hostel are closing), left homeless and with little money, counting only on the generosity of Australians (adopt a backpacker groups on Facebook) to survive.

Thank you