Build the Australian Hospital Flagship - AHS Weary Dunlop

Build the Australian Hospital Flagship - AHS Weary Dunlop

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H.D. De Silva
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The recent tsunami event in Indonesia and others before it, gives us cause to do much more for our fellow human beings in our own Asia-Pacific region. To this end, we the people of Australia, ask our representatives in Parliament to fund and build a fleet of three 'state of the art' hospital ships, beginning with the flagship AHS Weary Dunlop.

A courageous leader and compassionate surgeon, Sir Ernest Edward "Weary" Dunlop (1907-1993) once said "in suffering we are all equal". In the time of greatest need, a hospital ship can make an enduring positive difference for all involved.

We have the capacity and the technology to build this fleet. It will create jobs in Australia, it will give people who serve on these ships a priceless experience, and most of all it will help save lives.

Let us begin building the flagship: AHS Weary Dunlop. NOW!


NB: All proposed AHS are secular ambassadors of the Australian People.

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