Bring Back Evidence For AVOs in Family Law!

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Far too many parents are facing AVOs from ex partners upon separation to gain the upper hand with custody and cutting off child access to their other parent. When relationships end it often comes about with a lot of hurt and bitterness and a unbalanced mindset to revenge on the other parent by cutting them out of their children’s lives. Fathers and Mothers who have lived clean moral law abiding lives, no past history of any lawful wrongs are being turned into criminals at the whims of a bad break up and the ex partners spite.
 For a chiid to lose contact with a parent that has never done them any wrong is hurting them in the most vulnerable and deepest way. The impact of this on a child is leading them into mental health crises and  feelings of loss and disconnection to who they are as a person. Their family roots are broken. We believe this is effecting so many children today and has been for quite some time. A parent can come from a place of being chosen, chosen to parent with, and for a number of years.. then suddenly becomes dangerous upon separation, they disappear from their child’s life simply because of spite by the other parent. No one stops to weigh the mental and emotional cost on the children. Where there are accusations of abuse it should  be examined.. it can no longer go ion accepted without examination and evidence to back the claims up. Its not sane to have children suffer this loss when erring on the side of caution when it is untrue.  Children will suffer anyway with this so it’s not protecting them. Bring back evidence and the examination of claims and that will protect children more..