Bridget McKenzie MUST be referred to the Police for criminal investigation

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The media and an internal audit report by the government have supplied evidence that Bridge McKenzie may have misused Australian tax-payers dollars for the benefit of the LNP to the tune of about $100 million. 

If so, this could be one of the largest misuses of public funds/fraud by a politician in Australia's history.

McKenzie has resigned. There is a Rule of Law that we all must follow.

Considering the evidence supplied by the Auditor's Report and the media concerning the colour-coded spreadsheets and other information, McKenzie MUST be investigated by a Law Enforcement agency for this alleged crime. The investigation MUST be overseen by a civilian oversight body consisting of a retired judge and other persons who can make assurances to the Australian public that the investigation will be thorough and objective. If not, the political process and democracy in Australia is dead. Corruption will totally rule.