Sunbury’s own publicly funded Paediatrician

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I feel a paediatric intervention team that includes a Paediatrician is a basic, essential service in a thriving community... It should not only be reserved for those fortunate enough live in a particular area, own a car, have money or time to wait. 

I am a mum. I have two beautiful children. I live in Sunbury and I drive at least 25 minutes to visit my children’s Paediatrician, in Broadmeadows. I am not alone. There are many families in our community who are doing this... some are travelling further. There are no publicly funded, community based Paediatricians in Sunbury. 

Funny enough, I consider myself one of the lucky ones. Although this service in Broadmeadows is not linked to my community, or the other specialists my children see, I waited a long time on an excruciatingly long waiting list to access it... and she’s a wonderful paediatrician AND the service is publicly funded.

Prior to my fortune I was driving at least 35 minutes to a private practice to access the same service, a mediocre service in comparison, and I paid a hefty $$$ gap. 

Sunbury families deserve to be put on the priority list. Sunbury families deserve a publicly funded Paediatrician who can support the great work of Sunbury Early Intervention team and the community.