Bank corruption and associated Vic Police Violence

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Staff within the ANZ Bank approved fraudulent loan documents. This is an ongoing criminal Supreme Court Matter. Our property was never for sale now the bank cover up of fraud has extended and escalated to an extreme level creating fraudulent land transfers and attempting to on sell property. Damaging Property to try and frighten us off, stealing livestock & horses from Property, cutting fences and involving Victoria Police in a civil matter that is ongoing in the Court which Victoria Police have no legal duristiction to be involved. The intention of the ANZ Bank is to cover up its staff criminal behaviour and gain funds from our property for which we never have had a loan with ANZ bank. By getting Police involved this whole bank power criminal driven behaviour has escalated to two innocent women in their fifties being violently assaulted by Vic Police. Where does The State and federal government stand with these issues as we feel we have no voice we need the support of other Australians before someone actually dies at the culpable hands of Banks, Police and State and Federal Ministers for ignoring our pleas for help. These government and private enterprises need to be held to account and face consequences. We live in Australia not a third world country.

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