Ban use of plastic bags Australia Wide

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Did you know that Australians use around 3.92 billion plastic bags each year, that's 160 plastic bags per person each year!

for a plastic bag to degrade into a smaller piece it will take 500-1000 years for it downgrade to a small size. 

Each year so many animals are being killed due to ingesting plastic bags not only that but,  we are polluting our oceans is this how you want to live?  is this what your future generations want to see? It is time to act now and stop ✋� using plastic bags and switch to reusable shopping bags. 

I challenge you to become more environmentally friendly. 

1.) don't use plastic bag

2.) Dont litter 

3.) clean up 10 pieces of rubbish each time you see it 

4.) volunteer for clean up days 

5) sign this petition so that our government can get involved