Ban single use plastic items in Australia

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AUSTRAILA SENDS OVER 20 MILLION TONNES OF PLASTIC TO LANDFILL EACH  YEAR. The earth needs YOUR help now!! The Great Barrier Reef is almost 100% dead because of plastic bags and by 2030 if we don’t make a change then EVERY CORAL REEF ON EARTH will be dead. Most Plastic takes take 1000 years to degrade which means there is 1000 years for fish and sea life to eat it and DIE. When plastic degrades it releases toxic chemicals into the soil and water which is extremely bad for animals and humans too. Think about how much see food you eat every year. What do you think when I tell you that 94% OF ALL FISH HAVE MICROPLASTICS INSIDE THEM. This means that whenever you eat fish you are most likely also eating micro plastic.             For more information on the plastic bag problem check out this website

The ideal solution for this problem problem is to ban all production and sale of single use plastic items like plastic bags, plastic straws, plastic soy sauce fish, plastic food packages, and plastic cups/cup lids in Australia. The laws around what is considered single use plastic bag should be strict with big fines so big companies like Woolworths and coles can’t cheat the system. Please spread the word by sharing this petition on social media or texting it to your friends (I would appreciate it). This potition will make a great impact on the environment if it wins. Hopefully it will catch the eye of Scott Morison and he will change the laws. It may even open his eyes more to improving the environment in Australia. On the other hand, if this potition does not succeed then the Great Barrier Reef will remain DEAD and climate change will still Remain as BAD as it is today.

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If you would like to do anything else that is good for the environment other then this petition there are some links for them below

rareform.                                   Rareform is a company that makes bags and accessories out of old billboard vinyl 

great barrier reef foundation.                 They they clean up the rubbish and plant new coral in the Great Barrier Reef