Ban Royal Brunei Airlines from flying into Australia.

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The last thing you expect to happen if you board a flight from Australia - as a law-abiding citizen - is to run the real risk of falling victim to a shocking law that could potentially see you jailed, or even executed.
But that is the reality for LGBTIQ Australians now Brunei has enacted laws that could see gay people stoned to death.
The reason? Once you are in a Brunei registered aircraft the laws of Australia won't help you - you are subject to their laws, and this law could see gay people killed.
This petition is calling for the Federal Government to immediately cancel Royal Brunei Airlines right to land in Australia. Why should a country that executes gays be allowed to operate here and their national carrier place our citizens at risk?
No other group in the community would be expected to put up with this. We are asking for the Minister of Transport to show some courage and make a stand against this sort of hate and show the world this is not the Australian way.

Cancel the right of this airline to fly into Australia - We should not be showing support to a leadership that openly kills gay people for living their own lives. This brutal punishment does not belong in any modern society, and supporting Royal Brunei you are directly supporting this regime.