Australian say no to China extradition


Australian say no to China extradition

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The people of Hong Kong require your help in their fight for freedom.

You may be aware of the massive protest in Hong Kong on 9 June 2019.

This recent protest in Hong Kong was sparked by a proposal of the Hong Kong government to amend the extradition laws in the region.

What is the proposed law?

The proposed law will enable the Hong Kong government to extradite suspects to jurisdictions that do not share an extradition treaty with Hong Kong, including mainland China, a jurisdiction that does not support, or indeed is oppose to, the rule of law.

Why should Australians be concerned?

The proposed extradition law can apply to foreigners in Hong Kong, including over 100,000 Australians that reside in Hong Kong on a long term basis. Any person that transits through Hong Kong will be covered under the legislation.

As China's President Xi recently stated, the rule of law and an independent judiciary are "mistaken Western ideas". The legal profession of Hong Kong, including a number of senior judges, are appalled by the proposed amendments, as these laws can potentally be used against political opponents and dissidents of Beijing. These fears are well founded as Beijing has shown a willingness to extradite dissidents for trial in mainland China, sometimes through illegal means as demonstrated by the 2016 abduction of several booksellers in Hong Kong that specialise in books that criticise Beijing and its high level officials.

To protect the their rights and people of all nationalities that take refuge in Hong Kong, the people of Hong Kong have taken to the streets. Multiple media outlets reported the protest on 9 June had more than 1 million participants. 1 in 7 of the people in Hong Kong stood up against the authoritarian law. The staggering number is a testament to the resilience and dignity of the people of Hong Kong. They are courageous to stand up against a regime that is no stranger to using deadly force against protesters.

And indeed, the Hong Kong government unleashed brutal and excessive force against the Hong Kong people on the afternoon of 12 June. Rubber bullets, rifles equipped with bean bag rounds and tear gas bombs were deployed against overwhelmingly peaceful protesters and reporters. Many were seriously injured and facing charges that can result in harsh terms of imprisonment​.

The human rights groups, the European Union, the United States, the UK and Canada have criticise the proposed law and condemned the use of overwhelmingly excessive force in strong terms. Australia's western allies have voiced their support of the people of Hong Kong. Meanwhile, the Morrison Coalition Government took a neutral stance.

The stance taken by the Morrison government does not sufficiently reflect the seriousness of the potential implications for Australians. The interests of Australians must be the government's paramount consideration. The Morridom Government must also acknowledge that there are core differences between China and Australia, one of which is the respect for the rule of law and human rights, a core value that our western allies have pointed out in their criticisms against the authoritarian law.

The people Hong Kong is attempting to uphold their rights and freedoms that Australia and its allies based their systems of government upon, and it is only right that Australia join its western allies to reiterate in no uncertain terms that Beijing must respect the rights and freedoms of the people of Hong Kong, as well as Australians that live in Hong Kong.

The Morrison Coalition Government must:

1. Revoke the existing extradition agreement between China and Australia to ensure Australians are not subject to unfair trials in mainland China

2.Stand together with Australia's western allies to support the people of Hong Kong and overseas Australians

3.Condemn the excessive force used by Hong Kong's police force and false allegations of rioting offences

4.Reassess Hong Kong's autonomous status

5. impose sanctions on high level officials of the Hong Kong Government, including immigration restrictions and asset freezing

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