Australian Aged Care Covid Crisis

Australian Aged Care Covid Crisis

4 February 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Monica Hawkridge

There is an Aged Care Crisis and there's an Aged Care Covid Crisis and we as Australians need to help protect our vulnerable elders that have no voice.
Please, let's put ourselves in their shoes for a moment. This could be you in the future.

We all know someone or have a parent/s or grandparent/s that is being affected by this situation because the Morrison government chose to forget about them despite their promises. So many residents have died and are dying due to Covid.
Serious doubts had been raised over the January timeline for aged care boosters shots as staffing shortages pile on due to pressure and guess what? Minster Richard Colbeck was at the cricket on the same day he was due to appear at a COVID-19 committee. He knew the booster shot needed to go out but had other priorities.There are still 60,000 residents that need their booster shots. It's not good enough, they should have been first inline. Minister Colbeck needs to needs to stand down, he's not the man for the job.

There are so many staff/carer shortages or staff that aren't available to work due to covid. The minister seems to believe there isn't a crisis in the sector.
These poor residents stay inside, some don't get their daily showers or proper hygiene care. Some stay in their rooms and facilities for some days, weeks and months at a time unable to get fresh air or go out for their daily walks or activities all because they are short staffed.
This has been happening for 2 years, this could have been rectified if the Morrison government sent in ADF to relieve the carers.
The PM has rejected pleas for the ADF to be sent in to help aged care sector, Why?
”Jacqui Lambie says 70,000 ADF personnel should be put to ‘goddamn use’ amid Covid-19 surge”. I agree!
Some of these elders- women and men fought for our country, some of these women and men that immigrated to this country, worked to the bone to give us a better future, they've paid their taxes, they helped build Australia.
Some of these women and men were born or struck down cognitive impairment, with debilitating disabilities and simply need care.
All elders deserve respect and to be treated with dignity.
Where are we when they need us?
Please help sign my petition, the government needs to wake up and realise that there is a huge hole in the aged care sector and the ADF need to go in and turn this situation around for them, they are the only people for the job during this strainful pandemic.

The Australian government is NOT looking after the aged care, it's a disgrace after everything these women and men have done to help pave the way for us Aussies.


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Signatures: 10Next goal: 25
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