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Greg Phelps
1 year ago
It is uncontroversial that, for centuries, indigenous Indonesian fishermen have been fishing all across the Timor Sea to the northern coast of Australia, including Gugusan Pulau Pasir (Ashmore Reef) .
Australian policies have forced the Indonesian fishermen to use 'traditional' fishing craft to fish in the Ashmore Reef area. The use of small wooden boats has resulted and continues to result in drownings on the Timor Sea and fails to recognise the full rights of the Indonesian fishermen.
Fair and bilateral consultation is required as to the access to, and sustaining of, resources of a shared ocean. The current carve-up of the Timor Sea is unfair to Indonesian citizens.
Australia could not hope for a better neighbour than Indonesia and we must value, protect and grow the relationship between our two nations.
Please sign this petition.
Greg Phelps - barrister Darwin
Representative for many Indonesian Fishermen since 2010.