Add Carers to the fortnightly stimulus

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Carers and the disabled have been overlooked with the new stimulus package.

Whilst we are grateful for the amount of money we are currently set to receive MANY of us would highly benefit from the $550 stimulus. This packaged has been focused on keeping jobs open yet many of us have lost jobs and not able to receive any other payments to help in our time of need.

We won’t be able to afford the therapies needed in our day to day or week to week schedule. These therapies keep people working and keep the disabled person/s in our care moving forward and not backwards. If they were to miss therapies it will cause a much bigger financial strain on us in the future to correct and maintain the damage done by missed appointments. 

A lot of therapist haven’t shut yet and if and when they need to have taken on video therapy sessions, these still cost us money. Most therapies are between $100-$250 per session. 

A huge amount of Carers and the disabled are finding it extremely hard at the moment to access common human needs. Things such as certain foods, continence products and even drinks have become a struggle, this may not seem like a huge issue for some but for a lot of carers these are the only foods, drinks, etc that the disabled person in their care can have. 


We are parents, We are carers and We are the disabled. We didn’t chose to be disabled but we do ask to be treated with decency. 

Scott Morrison please take into consideration our needs in this desperate time.