Act to protect our children and citizens from the coronavirus

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We the public believe that further action is required to stop the potential introduction of the deadly coronavirus into the Australian community. We the voting public request that steps are taken consistent with other countries measures to reduce the potential spread. 

1. those arriving from China in the past 2 weeks be  quarantined and be tested after the full 14 day incubation period (or beforehand if symptoms arise) before being permitted to enter the community

2. Schools be directed to communicate to families who have visited China in the past 14 days that families must not send their children to school until after they have had their 14 day quarantine period and been cleared of potential infection through testing 

3. no International travellers who have been to Hubei (Wuhan) province in the past 14 days be permitted to enter the country (with the exception of Australian residents who must serve a 14 day home based quarantine period)

4. Wuhan citizens currently visiting Australia be quarantined, tours cancelled, and offered early flights home