Abolish the title "The Honourable" for Federal Ministers

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Australians have lost faith in the two major Federal Parties, but with the two-party preferred system there is little we can do about it. It's time we said 'Enough!', and one way we can show our dissatisfaction is abolishing the automatic right of Ministers to call themselves "The Honourable", simply because they are a Minister. Being a Federal Minister doesn't necessarily mean you are dishonourable of course, but neither doesn't it mean you are honourable. Nor does it add anything useful, as if you are a Minister, that fact is part of your title anyway. 

While it's only a 'word', 'words' matter. The title "Honourable' suggests a sense of entitlement, privilege and 'royalty'. It implies that the people of Australia are in some sense indebted, or less than, than the Minister, when in fact the opposite is true. Australia is an egalitarian country where the highest rank is in fact 'citizen'. Politicians are meant to work for the people, and too often these days they seem to think the opposite. We can't stop their enormous pay-rises (they vote for that themselves!), but even if we get one million signatures maybe they will finally get the message: "You actually work for us. You are not except from the law. You are not Royalty, you in Parliament to serve The People of Australia, not the other way around.

As Australians we are renown all over the world as the nation who 'say what we mean, and mean what we say', but increasingly this is no longer true. We need to take back our 'plain-speaking heritage', drop this anachronistic hangover from ancient England, and send a message to politicians: Australians have had enough, you have lost our respect. It time you earned it back.