Bring Joe Bowen back as voice of the Maple Leafs on Sportsnet TV

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For years the Toronto Maple Leafs have been nothing to write home about. For decades, we have suffered through inept management, woeful player development, and downright ugly hockey.

On April 11th, 2014, that all changed.

The day Brendan Shanahan was hired as President, he immediately went to work. The "Shanaplan" has challenged what it means to wear the Maple Leaf, and to represent the city of Toronto. Rogers, as majority owners of the MLSE, have backed the team at every turn. They spared no expense hiring the best hockey talent available. Dubas, Hunter, Babcock - to a man, they've all reinforced what it means to pull on that jersey. And from our sports science division, to overseas scouting, there isn't a single department that isn't fully funded to help chase down that ultimate goal.

And yet... one key piece of the puzzle is still missing.

On television, for too many games to remember, we've been forced to listen to a broadcast team that goes out of their way to put down and belittle the efforts of our beloved Leafs. Too often are past failures reminded. Zero joy in their voice as the Leafs continue to find ways to win hockey games.

If it’s a fear of showing a home team bias, then how can we ignore Hughson’s Vancouver bias? Heck, the man brought up the Sedins last night. During game 6 of the 1st round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Between Toronto and Boston. But you know what? Give the man the Vancouver games, and let him cheer on his beloved Canucks. Because we damn well want the same for our team.

As this petition gets pushed out to the wide world of social media, the boys are preparing for game 7 against the Bruins. It could go either way, but as fans we have to celebrate the effort that's brought us here. And when that day finally comes - whether it's this year, or five from now - when we finally get to see our boys in blue hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup... 

Well there's only one voice we want seared into our collective memories in that moment. The call that make the hairs on your neck stand up, and send shivers down your spine.

Holy Mackinaw Sportsnet. Bring Bowen back to tv. It's long overdue.

(P.S. We know you secretly agree. I mean… why else would use Joe’s call, when you post video replays online?)