Support Organ and Tissue Registry in Saskatchewan

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One organ donor can save up to 8 lives and drastically change the lives of up to 75 people, it benefits countless families and loved ones. Organ donation is not only life saving, but life giving. Suddenly someone who has been tied to a dialysis machine or oxygen tank has the freedom to travel and live a full life.In Saskatchewan, we currently have a program implemented through our health cards. There is a donor sticker available for those who are willing to donate, however, the final decision remains with the surviving family. This is a difficult conversation to have between many families and a difficult decision to make during a sudden tragedy. We are petitioning the Government of Saskatchewan to implement a donor registry program . (Must be 18 or older) This will dramatically increase organ donation rates in our province and affect many people's lives in our province. Many Canadian provinces already have this program in place. Saskatchewan has the lowest rates for organ donation. Please support this petition and help pass a bill for a  sign up program. It could save your life or the life of someone you love. I received a life saving double lung transplant in August of 2016, without that, I would not be here today, fighting for the lives of others.