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State funding for local games and animation development.

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What's the first thing you do when you knock off work from a mining, office, teaching, training or health related job (to name a few)?  You watch TV and play games right?

If you look in a JB Hi Fi, EB Games, Kmart or Target catalogue you will see that millions upon millions of your hard earned dollars are going into the pockets of overseas content providers of games and animation.

Did you know that WA has a plentiful supply of skilled content creators that, despite lack of funding are still working hard, trying getting a piece of those profits to keep home here in WA? They, just like you need to pay for their kids to go to school, to pay the local butcher for meat, the local supermarkets for groceries, the local cafes for coffee and cakes, for health care, for home upkeep and every other every-day expense.

However, because there is no local funding for games and animation studios they are fighting an uphill battle to complete projects in a short amount of time to maximise returns on their effort.

What if the profits from those games and animations you are interacting with at home are going directly back into WA?  How cool would it be to know that when you are enjoying an animation or game at home that there's a good chance you're keeping local programmers and artists employed right here, in your state?

Sign this petition to include your support to make a change in state government spending so that your tax dollars go right back into WA and keep games and animation developers here at home.  Who knows?  They next time you turn on the telly or crank up the Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, Mac or PC you could be interacting with content made right here in WA.  And you will feel a sense of pride knowing your hard earned dollars are being kept right here in the great state of Western Australia.

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