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End bullying within the Lynden School District (Vylit's Rule)

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As someone who was bullied relentlessly in the Lynden School District from the 3rd grade all the way through high school and attempted to take my own life at the age of 14 because of it, I KNOW how bad of an issue bullying is. It is a nation wide epidemic and it is claiming the lives of the victims. The current policies that are in place to end or attempt to control the bullying that is happening is not good enough. We have lost a precious child because of the relentless bullying she experienced at Lynden Middle School and something need to change. NOW. The parents of the kids of Lynden school district and the kids who are victims of bullying need to stand up, make some noise and make a change. END bullying. Instead of having bullies sign "anti-harrassment" contracts when they are turned in for bullying, there needs to be stricter policies. I am proposing "Vilyt's rule". This policy will hold harsh consequences for those who choose to bully others. The policy is:


If someone is caught bullying another student, this will result in a 5 day suspension. The suspended student can then make this missed week of classes up at the end of the school year in the summer. 


If the student is caught bullying a second time after their suspension, they will be expelled. 

Bullying has to be stopped. If "Vylit's rule" is put into place, I think that the bullying would be stopped dead in its tracks. But we have to make noise. STAND UP FOR VYLIT and all the other victims of bullying. Help make a change. 

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