Change Pacific Avenue in Venice between S Venice Blvd and Navy to 24 hour street parking

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I recently wrote to our 11th District Council Member Mike Bonin in regards to changing the parking on Pacific Ave between Navy & S Venice Ave from 8pm-8am to 24 hours (anytime except street cleaning).   I live on Pacific Ave and recently witnessed a car crash on the SW corner of Navy and Pacific, which would have resulted in multiple pedestrian fatalities had the light not changed allowing the beachgoers to cross.   The parking change will reduce the traffic to one lane, just like it is between S Venice Ave and Washington and will dramatically increase safety for pedestrians and bikers using Pacific Ave as well as add more available beach parking.  Had the proposed change been enacted, the pedestrians would not have been in danger as the speeds would have been reduced and a buffer would be created by the parked cars.  

There has been a substantial increase in foot and bike traffic on Pacific Ave. over the last few years.   The extremely narrow sidewalks and traffic lanes on Pacific Ave combined with the massive busses and trucks traveling at high speeds have created an untenable situation.   With increased foot traffic, no railing and high motorist speeds, it’s only a matter of time before the crash I witnessed happens again with a different outcome. Multiple pedestrian fatalities and injuries have occurred on this stretch of Pacific Ave over the years.   24 hour parking along the street between Navy and S Venice Ave will not only increase available parking in a PURELY residential beach area, but also redirects oversized trucks and buses to Lincoln (the intended route) and will save lives.  It also will have a marginal effect on traffic as most motorists are using Pacific as a short cut and will find other routes.   

It makes zero sense that half of Venice between Washington and S. Venice Ave is one lane with 24 hour street parking and the other half between S. Venice Ave and Navy is a two lane high way.  Why does half of Pacific Ave feel like a safe residential beach road with ample parking and half like the 405 with small sidewalks attached?  It's a PURELY RESIDENTIAL NEIGHBORHOOD along this stretch.   This is a super easy fix that costs the tax payers next to nothing.   

Council Member Bonin is clearly open to making the beach roads safer and I believe this is the time to act.    Please write or call Mike and his staff and let him hear your voice as well if you agree. 


Mike Bonin:


Phone:  310-575-8461