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Clarify the FNaF Lore and the Canon of the Guides/Logbooks

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Following Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator, the main theme of the lore is roughly set, and we're all roughly up to date with how the lore is going. However, I have seen numerous bouts of theory fighting over the released guide books and the nature of Scott's retcons, to which I would like to formally and politely petition Scott Cawthon to clear up for the community.

Seeing as how FNaF has practically ended, these issues likely won't be addressed in a future game. Therefore, we would ask that these steps be taken to wrap up the unsolvable and contentious contents of the community, before we move on to Scott's next IP.

This petition asks Scott Cawthon to:

  • Amend the prior games to clarify any retcons to ensure a consistent and non-conflicting story.
  • Clarify the canonity of the Annuals/Logbooks/Guides for FNaF, including any faded text, images and claims made within these books. (Not referring to TSE or TTO)
  • Clarify the contents of The Box.

With the first two issues clarified, the community can focus on building coherent theory that is not based on a retconned detail, and will know which resources are considered canon. With the last issue clarified, the final loose thread of the series will be tied up.

This is more drama, why are you doing this?!

This is a result of a long discussion on the FNaFLore Discord. After a particularly heated discussion on one of the prior points, we came back to the same thing. Scott made retcons to the story, which can be seen to justify a number of inconsistencies. We need these retcons clarified, or else this can be used for any contradictory point of the lore.

What will happen with this petition, after it's completed?

I will email the entirety of the petition to Scott, and hope for a reply. if a reply has already occurred, then this petition will likely simply be a headcount for those who want just a few more details solidified, so we can finally get a complete timeline sorted with identified trusted lore sources and without any ambiguous retcon issues.

If it flops, well then, it flops. Not a lot I can do. It'll be clear that the community aren't that phased, and this petition will fall into obscurity. Frustrating, but fair enough.


Thanks in advance for you time and consideration.

--Sean "Kizzycocoa" Roberts

Owner of

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