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I'm signing this petition to let anyone who searches this man's name know he is more than likely the next Elliot Rodger.

He created a "kill list" in high school consisting of only women and guns were found in his backpack. He sues celebrity women who he feels owe him a date because he has partial facial paralysis and attempted to impress them by some means. He bullies Instagram models demanding they owe him their time and attention because he sent them a $10 gift card to Starbucks. He harasses sex workers and attempts to publicly shame them by revealing their real names, demands they be fired, and slanders them when he discovers they see other clients. He proclaimed that a rape victim was at fault and deserves no sympathy because she went on a date with a man she met through Tinder. He believed this meant that she was "focusing on the shallow things while passing up nice guys" because he was unsuccessful in getting a date on Tinder. He has stated he believes it should be illegal for a woman to reject his advances because his partial facial paralysis. If they do not find him attractive, they're discriminating against him and it should be illegal but he stated he has every right to reject a woman he doesn't find attractive because he believes he deserves an attractive woman.

This man is deranged and delusional. His newest attempts in seeking attention of female celebrities is to attempt to create a PR crisis for Ariana Grande for "disability shaming" him because she was not, in his opinion, as physically intimate with him as she was with other fans upon him meeting her. He further is suing Taylor Swift for the second time for not producing his song, despite knowing her contractual obligations and policies established beforehand. He has stated he wants to destroy her life. He demands she go on a date with him or face litigation.

He treats women like objects and believes they have no autonomy and are owed to him if he puts in any kind of effort in pursuing them. He is cruel. And he will hurt someone one day if he doesn't get help.

Tabitha Rose, Salt Lake City, UT
1 year ago