Scott Baio for California Govenor!

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PETITION:  Scott Baio for California Governor 

If outspoken Republican, Scott Baio, decides to throw his hat into the ring for Governor of California, it is sure to upset some apple carts for both Republican and Democrat candidates. Scott Baio may be our only real chance to take down the powerful Democrats running for Governor, all of whom are extreme candidates who are certain to follow in the footsteps of our destructive Governor Jerry Brown. Under new voting laws, now a Republican must place first or second among all partisan candidates in the June primary to even have his name placed on the November ballot.

Baio has been active in politics most of his life and was a speaker at the Republican National Convention in 2017. Most recently, he’s been appearing on national news shows providing his views on various issues. It’s no secret that he is frustrated at the craziness all around us.

Baio's reputation as a family man who holds strong Constitutional conservative values will be a springboard to a political platform that would definitely be taken very seriously in the upcoming gubernatorial primary race where there are no Republican candidates popular enough to actually win the prize against the likes of slick talking Democrats like Gavin Newsom and Antonio Villaraigosa—especially in a state where voter integrity doesn’t seem to matter.

Baio was a tough neighborhood kid who has turned out to be an independent thinker and speaks the language of the common man, albeit with a Brooklyn accent. Based on his strong work ethic, integrity and reputation as a leader and team player, Baio would be a hands-on Governor who would reach across the aisle to solve the complicated issues in California, not push the can down the road while our state sinks deeper into the mire. We can trust that he would not pander to the progressive politicians in the State Assembly that have been managing to hold our citizens as hostages for too many years.

Baio has always been a man to follow his convictions, even speaking up in front of the Hollywood community where he is risking his career to speak out freely in today’s politically correct environment where harsh criticism is a national sport and the hostile Hollywood environment expects all its soldiers to march to the same drum or be rejected as an outcast in an industry that only plays the roles of “tolerance” on screen while acting like bullies off screen.

We need a candidate like Baio who can reclaim California for law and order and put a stop to the flood of bad policies, increasing crime rates, growing number of homeless tents and trash on our streets, and a stream of Democratic and Republican businesses and residents leaving California as fast as they can under the burden of exorbitant taxes, declining living conditions and impending socialism.

We hope you agree with us that it’s time to put SCOTT BAIO IN CHARGE of California so we can have HAPPY DAYS again!

We are calling all political parties to come together in support of a candidate who can WIN the “top two” primary and go the distance to become our next Governor of California—SCOTT BAIO!

We are launching this online petition in support of Scott Baio running for Governor in the June primaries by showing him that he has significant statewide interest for a potential candidacy from those of us who believe he has what it takes to win. Please indicate your support for him by signing the petition below. (Your email address will be used to provide updates on our efforts.)

We are a group of fed up Californians who are looking for a winning candidate with solutions. Thank you for signing this petition and jumping onboard the BAIO TRAIN that can take us to VICTORY!


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