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Stop banking with RBS & move to a more ethical bank.

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1. Scotmid's claim to be ethical

Scotmid (the Scottish Midland Co-operative Society Limited, trading as Scotmid Co-operative) is an independent retail consumers' co-operative that prides itself on the ethical nature of its business. Its website states:

"Ethical Credentials
As a co-operative society, Scotmid was founded with social responsibility at the core of its values. The Society used ten Key Social & Co-operative Performance Indicators recommended by Co-operatives UK to assess our performance in this area."

A list of these indicators can be downloaded from this page. The following appears under Indicator 7:

"In order to help maintain and respect human rights and to protect the environment, co-operatives should be considering ethical issues associated with buying goods and services, and lending or investing money. This means scrutinising procurement processes, to ensure that the supply of goods and services is not associated with the undermining of human rights, undue pollution, unfair trade or poor animal welfare. It also means reviewing where money is invested, to ensure that it is not being used to support governments or businesses which do not uphold basic human rights, engage in illegal arms trade, or operate their businesses in a corrupt manner."

Furthermore, the Scotmid website states:

The majority of products sold in Scotmid are purchased through the Co-operative Retail Trading Group (CRTG) and we continue to benefit from their purchasing policies. The CRTG is committed to the principles of sound sourcing, animal welfare, food integrity, health and ecological sustainability."

2. The Royal Bank of Scotland's appalling record on human rights and the environment

Despite this, and the existence of the Co-operative Bank, which also subscribes to ethical policies, Scotmid banks with the Royal Bank of Scotland, an organisation with an Ethiscore of only 1.5 out of 20 and an appalling record on human rights and the environment, as detailed on the website of Move Your Money UK . Amongst other things, RBS backs arms companies (including, historically, those producing cluster bombs that maim/kill many children) and the exploitation of tar sands in Canada and Madagascar (harmful to both the environment and local people). In 2011 RBS was named by the Ecologist as one the worst banks involved in financing fossil fuel companies.


We believe that Scotmid's choice of bank is in conflict with its ethical policies and call upon it to cease dealing with RBS, as soon as contractually possible, and move to a bank with a significantly more ethical reputation.

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