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Petitioning SPF BOE and 3 others

Scotch Plains Fanwood Board of Education: Restore bus service to affected residents

The parents of seemingly all children living in Scotch Plains and Fanwood who are located less than 2 miles from an elementary school and 2.5 miles from the high school were notified on June 17th that bus service which had been provided to residents for decades would be discontinued. As my family lives on Rolling Knolls Road (just over 1.9 miles from Park Middle School), I can only assume that this recent enforcement affects all families throughout the SPF district; however the letter we received gave no details of the reasoning or scope of the enforcement. The only explanation provided was that based upon NJ Administrative Code our street no longer qualifies for busing.

While the NJ Administrative code does not require the SPF BOE to provide bus service to students within the 2 and 2.5 mile criteria, section 6A:27-1.3 of the code does permit BOE(s) to provide transportation to students within those distances either at the cost of the district or the individual residents. Why not continue the service or at the minimum provide the option to residents? Are we to believe that transportation costs will be reduced when it appears that our route is not being eliminated? Simply reducing the number of children wouldn't seem to likely to lower the cost.

The failure to notify residents of an impending decision or to provide for opportunity to be heard in advance has left the families in my community to independently reach out to BOE members in an attempt to be heard and respond to a reckless decision. Since when do we in Scotch Plains and Fanwood strive to only meet the minimum necessary requirement for our children and families.


Please let the SPF BOE know that you are concerned and want to be heard and sign my petition to restore bus service to affected residents.

Letter to
Business Administrator Deborah Saridaki
Transportation Coordinator Donald Sentivan
and 1 other
Superintendent Dr. Margaret Hayes
I just signed a petition requesting the SPF BOE restore bus service to affected families in the district.

I believe it is in the best interests of the community to provide for adequate transportation services to the children attending our schools.

My voice will be heard at upcoming board meetings.