Keep the Anderson High School Redskins Name And Logo

Keep the Anderson High School Redskins Name And Logo

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Since 1937, Anderson High School in Cincinnati, Ohio has proudly supported their Mascot and Sports Name, The Anderson Redskins.  The sports team was given the Redskins name as a source of pride and respect for our Native American ancestors, and is continually represented as such.

Numerous times over the last 70 years, a small group of agitators have attempted to force the name to be changed, stating it was racist.  In 1999, school officials took their research one step further and contacted numerous Indian Tribes and other schools using the "Redskin" name.  They received no negative responses, and as a matter of fact, many Tribes returned their letters with the slogan, "Go Redskins," signed underneath their names.  The name remained.  In 2003, the Mascot was eliminated out of respect for Native Americans.

The Tribes did make a recommendation to modify the school logo as to not to reflect any instrument of spirituality and the school made these modifications.

Now, due to a recent Cincinnati Enquirer newspaper article, the logo/name issue has once again been brought to attention.  At a recent school board meeting, 4 individuals rose to speak out against the logo/name, 3 of which were from the same family.  A very active Facebook page containing over 300 AHS Alumni has a poll which reflects over 75% of AHS Alumni do NOT want the name to change.  They understand the respect that has been given to the name, and continue to support the pride that goes along with it.

By signing this petition, you are adding your name to those Alumni, Neighbors, Friends, and Family who do NOT want the Redskin name to be changed.  

Please let your voice be heard!  Results of this petition will be delivered to the School Superintendent, all FHSD Board Members, and Communication Director.