Keep the Anderson High School Redskins Name And Logo

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Here we go again!

Once again the "changers" are challenging our Redskin name and have somewhat secretly, and during the middle of a pandemic, solicited emails from practically anyone who can type or write - to send messages to the board DEMANDING that our 82-year-old Redskin name be changed NOW and they are DEMANDING a vote on June 29th.

Let's not forget that we're in the middle of a pandemic and many of our residents have lost their jobs or or still not back to work.  They cannot begin to afford another tax increase.

Additionally, the board voted in April 2020 to not take public commentary so you have NO SAY in this matter.

Please sign our updated petition and remind the board that you want to KEEP OUR REDSKIN NAME AND LOGO!

Jamie Sebastian
2 months ago