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Village People feat. Ray Simpson are VILLAGE PEOPLE

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We the fans of Village People are upset that after 30 years of Village People consisting of original members Felipe Rose (Native American), Alex Briley (G.I.) along with Ray Simpson (Cop since 1979), Eric Anzalone (Leatherman since 1995), Bill Whitefield (Construction Worker since 2013) and Jim Newman (Cowboy since 2013) are now in a battle over the name Village People with a former singer who hasn’t had anything to do with the band since his departure in 1979 minus a brief recording period in 1982. This former lead singer is seeking to reap all the merits, accolades, and benefits that Village People featuring Ray Simpson have worked so hard for since 1987 when Village People regrouped and licensed the name from the owners of the name who created the group.

We the fans, for over 30 years have supported Village People and have loved the incarnation of the group being led by Ray Simpson and having original members with the band since. This new version created by an old lead singer has all new members which have done concerts where fans have gone home sad, disappointed and confused. This confusion and disappointment extended to many fans who saw videos posted online of the new version. Many of those fans have followed the group since the beginnings and felt they were at or witnessed a terrible high school talent show production.

We the fans, are hoping since the band is in litigation, that perhaps the judge will take into account those who support Village People to know that we want the Village People that has been consistent for 30 years with Ray Simpson on lead vocals, along with original members Felipe Rose and Alex Briley. This Village People is the group that we have supported for years and hope to see prevail in continuing to entertain audiences around the world as the original boy band, the Kings of Disco, VILLAGE PEOPLE.

We need all the fans to sign and show support to show the world, that we stand by Village People with Ray Simpson, Felipe Rose, Alex Briley, Eric Anzalone, Bill Whitefield and Jim Newman.

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