Tougher deterrents to stop people carrying a weapon

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Ian Grainger
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With 19,000 fewer police officers on the streets than we had in 2010 street crime, 'Moped Enabled Crime', violent attacks, murders, acid attacks, stabbings and knife crime has sky-rocketed. Bike theft is out of control and the machines are used to enable further crimes to be committed. Let's stamp it out. 

Ordinary scooter riders, delivery riders and commuters are being threatened, attacked, injured, chased, robbed and in some cases murdered, or ending up with life-changing injuries whilst riding their machines. 

Something needs to be done to stem this epidemic, powers of stop and search should be used more frequently. Known criminals should be targeted, weapons should be seized. If you're caught riding a stolen scooter with a battery-powered angle grinder stuffed down your tracksuit bottoms or under the seat you're obviously up to no good. Treat it as a weapon, classify it like you would a knife or machete. 

If you're caught with a weapon it should carry a minimum 10-year sentence.

Juveniles should face harsh sentencing to deter them at a young age.

Our country is spiralling into anarchy. The Police are too short-staffed to do much more than investigate the most serious of crimes. They're overstretched, underfunded and tied by red tape. We need more bobbies on the street, more powers to tackle violent crime and juvenile crime. They need to be able to chase villains, no matter what the rider is wearing, what they're riding, who they are, or how old they're suspected to be.

If a criminal is riding on a public road with nothing more than a balaclava to hide their identity and protect themselves they're up to no good. Let the Police and Government know that us genuine scooter and bike riders support any action taken to rid our streets, towns and cities of this growing menace.


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