Stop Making Justin Bieber Successful

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     Justin Bieber is a highly successful musician, but his career did not just make him successful. Justin Bieber has an unusually large ego, which causes him to act extremely immature. He thinks that because he is successful, he can get away with anything he wants to. If Bieber becomes less successful, and if people stop treating him like he can do anything he wants, he will face consequences for his actions that he should have faced a long time ago. People need to stop making Justin Bieber successful because his success is making him a felon, a fraud, and a horrible role model. 
     Justin Bieber has a criminal record that starts all the way back in January of 2013 and continues to grow today. According to, Bieber has paid $141,600, which he calls his "Swagger Tax," to get himself out of trouble with the law. His run-ins range from egging his neighbor's house to driving under the influence of alcohol, Xanax, and Marijuana all in one night. Bieber's entire mindset revolves around the fact that he can do and get away with anything he wants because he has money. He is also teaching his fans that they can do what he does without consequences. says that Justin Bieber was kicked out of a hotel in Rio de Janiero after he graffitied a former hotel and invited fans inside to destroy property and protest his eviction. Justin has his fans wrapped around his finger and can persuade them to do anything. He is showing them that there is nothing wrong with his actions and that anyone can do anything they want without being punished. Rio de Janeiro Chief of Police Antonio Ricardo, expressed the fact that even celebrities must obey the laws and stated that what Bieber did is a crime. Do we want this egotistical felon to wreak even more havoc in our country? 
     We need to make Justin Bieber less successful. We can start by streaming his music on free apps like Spotify instead of buying it on iTunes or albums. Musicians get paid from free streaming apps, but they get paid less per song played then they would if one person purchased one song. If every person could cut their purchasing of Bieber's various products in half, his success will drop tremendously. If anyone who has a law enforcement occupation must confront Bieber on his defiance, do so stubbornly; follow through with your punishments and do not let him convince you otherwise. If he posts anything rude or inappropriate on social media, do not react to it; reactions will just encourage his terrible behavior. If we do this, Bieber will lose attention and start to clean up his act. Justin has hurt many people and done a lot of damage to many places. It will keep him from being destructive and cause him to start acting more professional. These simple elements may just be enough to lower Justin Bieber's success and get him farther from the public eye

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