Allow Taylor Swift to perform her past music

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Taylor Swift is being denied the opportunity to perform her own music at the hands of her old record label, Big Machine Records and it’s new owner. 
Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta have the capacity to allow her this right to her own art but are privately denying it giving Taylor Swift an ultimatum. They have told her if she doesn’t re-record her music next year (as she’s legally allowed to) they will then and only then, allow her to perform her old music. 
This is completely unfair as they had no hand in writing her old music. They are holding her work ransom so they can ensure they still make money off of her hard work.

If they get away with this many of the other artists they manage are at risk of being exploited in the same manner. No one deserves to lose access to their own creations and no one should be blocked from performing their creations. 

Wether you’re a Taylor Swift fan or not, put your favorite artist in her shoes and ask yourself what if it was them who was being denied the right to perform their own music? The music they worked hard to create?

Please sign this petition to allow Taylor Swift the right to perform her own music and let Scott and Scooter know that you do not support them or their decision to block someone from their art.