Stop the destruction of Georgian Bay's environmentally significant wetlands!

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Georgian Bay's environmentally protected wetlands are under imminent threat!

Collingwood, Ontario Canada’s Town Council is poised to approve the construction of a new 5 story 889-person conference centre that will abut an Environmentally Protected area on Georgian Bay that is a mere 1.2 meters away.  A new large 6-story hotel and Collingwood’s first above-ground multi-level parking lot for 225 cars will also be attached.

The Environmentally Protected area contains pristine ecological habitat that has been designated as “Class 1 Provincially Significant Wetlands”.  It is home to numerous species of birds, fish, mammals and turtles, some of which are protected and classified as being of “Special Concern”.  Constructing and operating such a major commercial development less than 2 steps from such an ecologically sensitive habitat cannot be done without risking significant permanent damage to these areas and the wildlife within them. 

If one developer is allowed to build right next to these protected areas the precedent will be set.  Others will follow and our pristine and ecologically rich wetlands will suffer and be forever lost.


How Did This Happen?

A special accommodation previously made for a small pre-existing cottage located on the site is now being exploited for commercial gain. The land adjacent to the Provincially Significant Wetlands was re-zoned to “Resort Commercial” back in 2008.  At that time, there was a small cottage on the property known as the Bear Estate.  Because that cottage was built before Collingwood had modern land-use controls, it was located extremely close to the protected wetland.  To accommodate this pre-existing structure when the property was re-zoned the “set-back” from the Environmentally Protected area was set at 1.2 meters.  No other Resort Commercial property in Collingwood that abuts an Environmentally Protected zone has such a narrow set-back.  In fact, all other residential properties adjacent to this particular wetland have a setback of 7.5 meters – 5 times greater. They must also abide the stringent rules to protect these wetlands by the NVCA. Why is the marshalling inconsistent?


How Can You Help?

1. Join us by signing this petition and demand that Local, Provincial and Federal politicians take action and revise or enact new zoning by-laws, legislation and regulations that reflect Canada’s and Ontario’s policy to protect significant and disappearing wetlands.  


2. Visit our website at find us on Facebook @sosCollingwood and follow us on Instagram at sos_collingwood and share the message.


Who Is Save Our Shoreline Collingwood (SOS Collingwood)?

We are a grassroots group of resident volunteers who want to preserve our threatened wetlands and resident wildlife. We are working to ensure the local and global community is aware of the threats and has an opportunity to make their views known. We can be reached at