Tell The Scituate Town Council That We, The Voters, Stand Behind Police Chief Delaere

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On July 20, 2019, a Saturday night, an "emergency meeting" was called by the Scituate Town Council to place our Police Chief, Don Delaere on Administrative leave.  The citizens/voters were given under 1 hour notice of this meeting.  The notice was posted on the Secretary of State's open meetings website at 5:40 pm for a 6:30 pm meeting.

The notice read:  Discussion and possible action whether an unexpected occurance exists requiring immediate action to protect the public pursuant to the relevant provisions of the R.I. General Laws 42-46-6(c) specifically whether the Chief of Police should be placed on administrative leave.

Many people were able to make that meeting.  You can see in the video of the meeting that Vice President Abbie Groves asked the Fire Marshall if we had met occupancy limits.  He clearly says not at this time.

However, Mrs. Groves, visibly nervous about the turnout, cancelled the "emergency meeting" and quickly left.

What about this "Emergency?"

Sign to tell the Scituate Town Council that you stand behind Chief Don Delaere and That we won't take any more political antics by this Town Council!


This morning (July 21, 2019) Council Member Abby Groves took it upon herself to unilaterally instruct our Chief of Police to the town hall where she handed him a written document indicating that she put him out on administrative leave.