We want a fairer and accessible academic publishing system

I have solved the double slit experiment of quantum physics and it unlocked the Theory of Everything and solved over 12 of the biggest mysteries in physics but I have been refused peer review because I am penniless and will not agree to poorer people being excluded from equal access to it. This is the biggest scientific breakthrough in 100 years WITH EVIDENCE being held back by the system which demands payment or control of copyright in return for free peer review neither of which are possible, this must remain open source. Hence cutting edge minds in physics aren't reading it and mainstream media isn't covering it and billions of dollars are wasted daily in irrelevant continued scientific research into and promotion of the big bang theory which I PROVE is wrong , it is available online open source at https://doubleslitsolution.weebly.com

Any efforts like this petition are very positive and essential for theoretic scientific understanding which is suffering a crisis depite advances in technology. I'm glad/lucky to come across it, thank you and please pass the link to my work to any associates/colleages in physics/mathematics.

Oldand Dilis, Netherlands
1 year ago
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