Science Alive! Bring back Science Education Community Programmes in Christchurch!

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Science Alive! started in 1991 as a not-for-profit trust promoting science and technology, through interactive experiences. The Science Centre was lost to earthquakes but the Science Alive staff continued their important work with outreach programmes and events within the community. They ran the annual Under 5 Fest, Big Science Day, Science Snippets in the Libraries, Science Education visits in Schools and Holiday Programmes. 

A few months ago the Science Alive! Board of Trustees cut all of their outreach programmes in the community and a few weeks ago they made almost all of their loyal and hardworking staff redundant. These programmes were run on shoestring budgets with very basic materials but they were always fun, innovative and educational, with many of them run in the poorest areas of Christchurch. Many of the children who attended (many of them free sessions) will have no other options to learn and be inspired by hands-on science experiences - these programmes were an integral part of community education in Christchurch and they have been abandoned after decades of hard work by upper management who have no idea of the pricelessness of inspiring young children in Science. 

We're hoping to send a message to The Board of Science Alive! that revenue isn't the only important impact a Science Education Trust can make - the children of Christchurch deserve to have the opportunities many of us had to interact with important science principles in the 90's. Christchurch deserves better. 

The Science Alive website says "...In the meantime, we continue our important work with outreach programmes and events within the community." - that is sadly no longer true and The Board should know how many people care about this grave mistake they're making.