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Dangerous bus stop

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I will be moving to Schuylkill Hill Road, Leesport PA in just over a week. As many of you know, the Leesport bridge has been torn down, and is not expected to be back in working order until December of 2018. The bridge being out, coupled with much more traffic on our street, along with the weather, has caused extensive damage that doesn’t seem to be a priority to Centre Township, or the Borough of Leesport. Schuylkill Hill Road had been closed until further notice. This has caused an extremely stressful situation for myself, and the other families with school age children who reside on this street.

The Schuylkill Valley School district will no longer send a bus or even a van over the hill to pick up my children and other children residing on the road. If you’ve ever traveled Schuylkill Hill Road, you are familiar with its crazy turns, elevation changes, and the fact that there are no shoulders, on either side of the road. Where my house is situated, one side of the road is equipped with cement cattle shoot barricades to prevent motorists from careening down a cliff onto the railroad tracks below. The other side goes straight up a mountain. There is literally nowhere for my children, and the children in my care to walk to get to the school districts newly assigned bus stops for the kids on this road. The options presented by the transportation director for the school district were the clock tower in downtown Leesport or the intersection of Schuylkill Hill Rd & Bellmans church road. The clock Tower is .4 miles from my home, The intersection is .7 miles. I have children in both elementary and middle school. Which means two different buses. In the morning, when my daughter would be walking this treacherous roadway, it would still be dark. So not only are they supposed to walk on a hazardous road, but they are supposed to walk it in the dark? This is not okay. Something has to be done. I mentioned a van picking them up, but that was turned down as well. These kids cannot walk that road. It just isn’t safe. 

I have talked to the head of transportation at the school as well as the superintendent. They said they can’t help me. They tell me the road is too dangerous for the vehicles. The road being closed to local traffic only is not a reason to make my children and other people’s children walk so far in such terrible conditions.  Would you want your children walking this far in such terrible conditions, IN THE DARK? We are local. We pay taxes just like everyone else. Our kids should have transportation just like everyone else.
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