Dress Code that Does Not Make Girls Feel Bad About Their Body!

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I myself am a 13 year old girl. I am an 8th grader at Schuylkill Valley Middle School. On a daily basis I am dress coded for things that you would be shocked about. I am not alone. Tons of girls are in the office everyday because of this. Before this year I have never gotten in trouble before. These dress code rules make girl get written up for things they can not control. In our area there is a place called BCTC for high school students to go to get educated for four years on a career path they would like to pursue. The requirements are good grades and an outstanding disciplinary record. The grades can be achieved but when being called down everyday for our clothing everyday is not good for our disciplinary record. Girls getting written up everyday for something they cant control. Some examples of these clothing items are ripped jeans, leggings, sandals, flip flops, showing bra strap, showing shoulder, and much more. I have gotten dress coded for the jeans and leggings many times. The rips have to be below finger tip length which I understand but I myself and many other people are tall and have long arms. No undergarments were showing in these situations for any girls. Leggings are another thing I got dress coded for. I was wearing these and the shirt was covering front and back but the teachers do not think it was even though I and many other girls showed them it was. Us girls feel like we cant be comfortable in our own body types because "Guys will get distracted." Well these immature guys can grow up but I can assure you nobody is distracted. It is just the school being paranoid. There is another catch though. I see tons of girls walk down the hall everyday who do not get dress coded for things like leggings and the other things mentioned above. 

There is a solution though. If I can get signatures from the people I can get justice for the current kids and future kids to go through that school. If I get enough signatures I can go to the Principal, Superintendent, and School Board and get this fixed. Making sure that these girls can go to the BCTC to further their education. Last year the high school had a petition on this site with thousands of signatures and got the dress code changed for the better, Give justice for the children of Schuylkill Valley School District!

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