Change The Sword Region Post To Bamboo

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mr duckdeer
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Every since the start of vanilla bean 4.0, WarMongerDuck and countless others have spread the love of the bamboo cult throughout the land of the region known as "Sword". Eventually, WarMongerDuck created a cult, this cult was named the "bamboo cult".

The bamboo cult has recently gained massive popularity among the vanilla bean community for its open arms to outsiders and the cult's ability to make everyone and anyone welcomed and successful on vanilla. Eventually, the cult built a temple right next to the region post, this temple was dedicated to bamboo and is a striking structure that welcomes many players into this specific region.

The constant spread of bamboo has to lead many players to think this region is named bamboo and getting confused when they are told "No its named sword" A change of this region post would be greatly appreciated and be a huge push by Schuttle to show that he appreciates the return of players and loves the community. Besides, isn't the Luxwander motto "Community Is Our Specialty"?

Signing this petition shows us that you want to help players not get confused by the region's name and give a good push to help spread the love of bamboo to all. So please, sign the petition and give us the boost we need to help spread love and positivity to all the players on Luxwander.