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Acknowledge all honor students, including the students with special needs

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Springfield Central High School (SCHS) omits the names of the seniors enrolled in the Life Skills Program who earn honors from being included within the honor section of the high school yearbook. These students are also not given any recognition in their graduation program for their academic achievements.

We learned this firsthand, when our son Nathan, who has Down Syndrome was a student in the Life Skills Program at SCHS. He was not acknowledged in the same way as his peers were for earning honors. Nathan was extremely hurt, upset and confused as to why his name was not included in the honor section of his high school yearbook for earning honors, since he earned honors right along, and in his senior year earned an academic medal and a gold tassel for his hard work.

The academia may be different between the Life Skills Program and the Regular Education Program, but the efforts from ALL of these hardworking students who apply themselves to achieve their personal best academically clearly exhibit no difference at all.

Clearly, when a student has reached their peak academic performance, and has achieved their absolute best academically, they should not have feelings of hurt and confusion because their school did not acknowledge them in their yearbook for earning honors. 

I am not dismissing all the wonderful things that are done for ALL of the students at SCHS, but this is not one of them, and should be changed. 

Please sign this petition to show your support for Nathan, and other students with special needs who deserve to be acknowledged like all honor students do for their hardwork.


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