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Schools should only purchase Vegan foods: Start Our Children Right

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In the United States K- 12 education system the rate of obesity among students is rising. For thirteen years children are served highly acidic foods, processed sweets, salts, fats, and dead animal flesh.

Children have unfortunate food choices in schools. They eat processed foods that lack nutrition. Food processing is the transformation of raw ingredients into other food forms. Harvested crops or butchered animal products are manipulated into different shapes and often become long shelf-life food products.

We suggest that United States Public Schools take leadership now by purchasing only vegan foods for our children and staff and these are our Three Reasons:

1. Environment: All foods have a measurable carbon footprint. Foods that require refrigeration before arriving on a plate cost more energy than foods that go from farm to table without refrigeration. Measuring the carbon costs of foods proves that vegan foods have the smallest environmental impact. The highest environmental cost by food type is meat, followed by dairy.

2. Health: Humans have no dietary need for animal flesh, in fact, research shows that vegans visit the doctor’s office and hospitals less than people who eat meat. This is because vegans eat more foods with greater amounts of nutrition per calorie. Vegan diets support the immune system and metabolism which translates into feeling better, looking better, having more energy, and living longer.

3. Compassion: How can humans be so inhumane? It is a cruel choice to cause suffering to other living creatures when no justifiable reason exist to do so. Veganism is a matter of ethics. Observe the treatment of animals in commercial farms and it is impossible to label those practices as “right”. Vegans uphold the goodness of humanity. This optimism is shared by such vegans as Arian Foster, Brad Pitt, and Carrie Underwood.

This is a historic cultural change and we need every person on board as soon as possible.

Please sign and promote this petition with your friends and family.

Thank You.

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