School Administrators and Teachers Across India: pledge to be vigilant about child abuse

School Administrators and Teachers Across India: pledge to be vigilant about child abuse

2 May 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Bharat Singh



i-CAN aims to create a nation-wide network of schools supporting a movement against child abuse. This includes researched and curated workshop plans to create a sustainable system of peer support, and impart awareness-raising initiatives throughout rural schools in the Delhi-NCR region. i-CAN plans to partner with the best child abuse NGOs in India in order to address this pertinent issue in a sensitive and innovative manner. 

By signing the i-CAN pledge, participating schools will become members of a wider network against child abuse and will receive a range of educational materials to support them in their efforts. At i-CAN, we believe that together we can make our country’s children safer!

About Child Abuse in India:

What is child abuse? Who can perpetrate such abuse?

Child abuse is not just physical violence leveled at a child. It is any kind of maltreatment by a grown-up, which is violent or endangering for the child. This includes neglect. When child abuse occurs in the home and the abuser is, for example, the child’s parent or caregiver, this is a form of domestic violence. But children are sometimes abused by other adults on whom they are dependent, such as daycare workers, teachers, and sports trainers.

There are five general types of child abuse:

Physical abuse: all forms of physical violence
Emotional or psychological abuse: an adult regularly berates the child, acts in a dismissive and hostile manner towards the child or intentionally scares the child
Physical neglect: the child does not receive the care and nurturing that they need
Emotional or psychological neglect: continuous lack of positive attention for the child. Ignoring the child’s need for love, warmth, and security. This category also covers cases in which children are witnesses to violence between their parents or caregivers
Sexual abuse: sexual contact which an adult forces upon a child

What can we do?- Sign the petition and promise to report Child Abuse! Amplify the voice of concern for children facing abuse.

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Signatures: 339Next Goal: 500
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