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Punishments for people who tell others to kill themselves

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Too many people tell others to kill themselves and they get no punishment. I have been told this before and I tried to do it. I even gave the school specific names and they did nothing and said to ignore it. Well obviously I can't if I tried to end my life. Too many people are bullied and most end results is sadly death. I have read that if someone tells another person to kill their self in the US, they will be charged with a felony. According to what state impacts what class of felony it will be. It is called encouraging suicide which is illegal. You can get 10+ years in prison and be fined $25,000+ just for encouraging it. How hard is it to be nice to someone? A few simple words can impact both of their lives. Fun fact, if they actually commit suicide, it is legally your fault. In some states you can be charged with manslaughter. So simply don't be rude. But there will always be rude people out there, so please help me do something about it. It will never hurt to try. I doubt this will change anything because no one honestly cares anymore.

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