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Make Sindhi Language compulsory

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This petition is very important to the development of the Sindhi Language, and this is a crucial step towards it as there are very less people who know Sindhi and can access the internet.
The Sindhi language is the language native to more than 29 million people, which is more than the total speakers of the Dutch language. It's main area is the Sindh Province of Pakistan, which is home to Pakistan's economic core too. The immigration of Indian Muslims to this region has caused great danger to the language as it hasn't been accepted by them as their own tongue, the tongue in which the natives of their area speak. Declaring Urdu as superior and less problem causing as it doesn't belong to any of the 4 Pakistani nation has caused more problems, as people generally agree to speak English than Urdu, but it has been made compulsory.
Making Sindhi useless will do nothing but change people from being pro-Pakistani to anti-Pakistani because of this careless act. Asking for removal of Sindhi language from certain exams because one can't speak it is just like moving to say, Germany, and refusing to study German, making their own language superior and giving baseless ideas for Germans to leave German and speak Urdu forcefully.
The only way to get away with this is to educated the Sindhi and international masses to protest against this as it is endangering our language. Ample resources can be found on the web about the Sindhi language.

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