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Schools in U.S.A

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This petition is EXTREMELY important to our schools and our children. We need to make it mandatory to have metal detectors in every school in America. Parents should NOT be concerned about the safety of their children while at school, they should have a sense of comfort that their child is SAFE! I know many people are saying we should BAN GUNS, banning guns WILL NOT stop the gun violence!! People WILL still be able to buy guns on the STREETS! We can, however, prevent another violent act like the one in Connecticut by placing METAL DETECTORS in EVERY school in America. As far as the price of metal detectors, well it's Much more CHEAPER to get metal detectors than the price of repairing the schools, the countless hours of therepy for the survivors, and the unimaginable, irriplacable price of losing a child. How many more lives are to be taken before WE take ACTION?! When are we going to wake up and realize we have NO control on who buys guns and where? Please take the time to consider the price we are going to pay if we do Not get metal detectors in these schools, and please sign this petition. Thank you for taking the time to read this and REMEMBER this could have been ANY school. This could have been YOUR CHILD!!!!!!
Shadae D.

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