Better Mental Health Support in Schools

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There is far too little mental health support in educational environments which leads to many preventable student suicides. I have met so many people who feel as if they have nobody to reach out to when they feel depressed, anxious, or even suicidal at school. Everyone they go to says "reach out, there are people here for you." but the painful truth is, there aren't as many supports as there should be. And they most definitely are not accessible. I go to a school of 1000 students, and there are 2 child & youth workers. Let that sink in. 2 child & youth workers... to take care of 1000 students who all have mental health that needs to be taken care of. That isn't nearly enough. Not to mention that most days those 2 workers are nowhere to be found. We need to put an end to this issue and we need to do it now. Before the next student attempts, or even commits suicide. Let's put more accessible mental health supports in schools. But how will we do that?

My goal is to get enough signatures to make a difference. That difference being; to gain the attention of educational boards and systems and speak with school boards across Canada to raise awareness for this preventable issue. I plan to take action and put more mental health supports and child & youth workers in schools so that they are easily accessible and readily available to students.

Sign this petition to help show the schools across Canada that they need to better their mental health resources, and they need to do it now.