Give Transgender Community in Pakistan Equal Rights to Education and Employment.

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The transgenders or Eunuchs, mostly called Khwaja Sara in Urdu language -  are the most disadvantaged and marginalized communities in Pakistan - Deprived of education (which is a human right), Denied job opportunities, Disrespected by the Society, Abandoned by their own family and barred from living a normal human life. 

Because of this shunning down they isolate themselves and form small secret communities to protect themselves from disrespect and mistreatment. Since our society lacks acceptance for them, there are no ways for them to earn their livelihood through decent means; they hence deploy/ engage themselves in activities which are either considered taboo in our society or not respected, like dancing, singing, begging, prostitution - just to make both ends meet.

Although the Law doesn't state or encourage any discrimination at any level, we believe its more of a societal and cultural barrier to accept them as a third gender.

So lets make small efforts to include and welcome them as apart of the community and society that is created on the same grounds by the creator, with just a little biological difference - which is not their fault. 

Can we try giving them a job? Can we make them learn a new skill? Can we give them basic education? In whatever capacity we can,  lets break this barrier one transgender at a time. 

Please watch this small documentary for awareness and understand the challenges and problems they face -