Update the Minnetonka Schools Safe Learning Plan

Update the Minnetonka Schools Safe Learning Plan

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Started by Camellia Ramos

References: First petition (8/2021) – Universal Masking in Our Schools https://www.change.org/Universal-Masking

Covid-19’s new variant, Omicron, has much higher transmission rates than the Delta variant, with close to a million positive cases per day in the US. High infection rates are also seen in our local community, which is affecting the health and education of our students and staff.

The CDC recommends universal masking in all schools at all times. Minnetonka School District’s current safe learning plan only mandates masks at elementary and middle schools, and only recommends it at MHS. This leaves Minnetonka high school students and staff susceptible to infection. Omicron’s high infection rate is directly affecting our students and staff health, and impacting education. For example, on 1/7/2022, MHS has had to go to e-learning because of significant numbers of staff absences related to Covid. Without masking, these impromptu closures will become more and more frequent.

We are able to limit the health and educational impact of the Omicron variant by updating the Minnetonka Schools safe learning plan according to the CDC and MDH layered prevention strategies for Covid-19, which includes universal masking. Thus, we are urging that the Minnetonka school board enact a mask mandate at all Minnetonka schools immediately.

Link to the CDC and MDH Best Practice Recommendations for Covid-19 Prevention in Schools - https://www.health.state.mn.us/diseases/coronavirus/schools/schoolrecs.pdf

In addition to a universal masking proposal, we are also requesting that all Minnetonka schools develop a back-up online learning plan for students that would be absent due to Covid-related issues. This week alone, hundreds of students were absent due to Covid-related concerns, including exposures, positive cases, possible symptoms, and delayed test results. There is no online learning plan system in place for them to continue their education and minimize interruptions. With the dynamic and fast-changing health situations that we are currently in, it will be beneficial and equitable to everyone if the Minnetonka School District could provide a back-up online learning plan to all students to help facilitate seamless, continuous learning.

We, your constituents, students, parents, and staff members of the Minnetonka School District, ask that you consider these requests urgently and act promptly so we can continue to keep our schools open and keep everyone safe.


1,001 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!