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Change the District 65 dress code to create an emotionally safer learning environment

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We are the ETHS Women's Empowerment Club and our purpose is to fight for equality in the community and empower women in our society. This year, ETHS has changed the dress code and we have already seen a positive impact on students such as making them feel safer and more comfortable at school resulting in a more conducive learning environment. This has inspired us to encourage District 65 to change the student dress code. This issue is important to us because the dress code in District 65 negatively affects our family, friends, and the children of our community. It unfairly targets middle school girls who are going through puberty and are already self-conscious about their bodies. This body-shaming has shown to be emotionally harming, and it teaches young boys that it is the girl’s fault if he is distracted by her clothing, which reinforces antiquated sexist beliefs. In addition, it takes girls out of class when they have to change their clothes so they lose class time, leaving the impression that covering themselves up so they aren’t “distracting” is more important than learning. We hope the school board can address this issue of girls being disproportionately punished for their clothing choices over boys. We encourage the school board to change the dress code so the length of shorts, dresses, and skirts are not as restrictive. The ETHS dress code does not restrict the length of outfits as long as undergarments are not shown, which we hope can also be true for District 65. Please help us create a safer, more progressive learning environment for students! 

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